Why are Middle Eastern Perfumes the Best Choice for You

Perfumes have become an important part of one person’s appearance. Choosing a scent that people will remember you for is a pretty important decision, as there are a lot of choices. In addition to fragrant notes, there are some differences between Middle Eastern and Western perfumes.

Let’s discover all the secrets that these luxurious, spicy, and sensual Middle Eastern fragrances have, let’s begin!

An olfactory journey of a thousand scents

In Western culture, the majority of perfumes are made from an alcohol base, which is one of the key ingredients. On the other hand, in the East, oil is used as the composition carrier. The flowers, spices, or herbs are chosen will be distilled and added to essential oils, usually sandalwood or agarwood. In fact, the oily scent is called the attar in the Middle East.

What separates Middle Eastern perfumes from Western ones is not just the use of alcohol as a base. In fact, Eastern perfumes have way more perfumed oils inside them, which also helps with the duration of the perfume on the skin. As oil can be absorbed very easily, the skin will be smelling great for hours.

Spices, oud, agarwood, sandalwood, and musk are some of the most luxurious and exotic ingredients used for creating Eastern perfumes. All of them also contribute to the authenticity and originality of these types of fragrances. Trust us, there’s nothing better than a good-smelling Arabic, aromatic perfume with spicy base notes!

Oriental scents are desirable scents that are made to signal your presence from a distance. Nevertheless, their precious and exotic personality can give a certain aura of a mystery feel to the person who wears them. Middle Eastern perfumes scream sensuality, kindness, spiciness, and exoticness and can be the perfect choice for people who are trying to find their own scents in this world.

The Middle Eastern layering perfume method

The term of layering fragrances is mostly related to Middle Eastern perfumes. This ritual is quite simple but very effective and can give great results. Namely, before applying a perfume, the person should first apply a musk-based cream onto their skin and then spray the perfume with oud oil-based scents. Many of the perfumes contain aromatic resin, which burns on charcoal and can help create a unique fragrance that only you have.

These perfumes are called “oriental” because they have the ability to tickle our senses with their intoxicating, unique notes that we have never smelled before. They have the ability to wake temptation and add a little bit of magic with their spicy flavors.

As the Middle Eastern people don’t have gender-separated perfumes, both men and women have the ability to enjoy smelling unique, mysterious scents of oud wood, sandalwood, or agarwood.

Dive into the world of traditional scents, and allow us to take you on a Middle Eastern trip where you can discover new fragrances!

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