Bakhoor - The Luxurious Scent

Bakhoor - The Luxurious Scent

Bakhoor or Bakhur, an Arabic word which means Fumes, is vastly known for performing houses or surroundings. The term Bakhoor in this sense mainly refers to the wood chips that are soaked in fragrant Oud oils; which is the oil extracted from the rare Aquilaria tree. An infectious type of mold takes a hold of the heartwood of the tree and later on, produces a dark fragrant resin that produces the oil. To know more information about Agarwood Oudh click here.

Oud Wood Bakhoor with Box and Jar

Oud Wood Chips and incense burners

More terms such as Muttar and Mamool refer to chips that are specifically from the Aquilaria tree wood soaked in fragrant oils. Other terms like Mabsoos and Mabthooth are the shavings of Aquilaria tree wood that is used and soaked in fragrant oils. Overall, the name bakhoor tends to cover muttar, mamool, mabsoos, and mabthooth.

Bakhoor must be Burned to release its woody sweet smelling aroma. The burning / heating is normally done by using a charcoal placed in a Mabkhera, an Arabic word, meaning "the fumer" refering to the incense burner. Mabkheras come in different designs; they are made from either wood, metal, or ceramics. In today's modern world, there are also other ways to burn incense, such as using the electric incense burner. Although that may be an option, many prefer the original and coal burning Mabkharas as they are able to produce the best fragrance.

Burning bakhoor serves as a safer alternative to chemical air fresheners. The aroma has been seen to relieve stress and anxiety in breast cancer patients. It can also improve the sleep quality and lower systolic blood pressure.

Types of  Bakhoor

Types of Bakhoor

Natural Oudh Wood Chips

Wood chips have different kinds of fragrances that are unique and do not smell like perfume. The fragrances differ from one another due to the aromatic qualities of agarwood (Oudh). Such as the geographic location, its branch, trunk and root origin, length of time since infection, and methods of harvesting and processing. Natural wood chips are burnt as they naturally are, without any influence of chemicals since the lovely fragrance is already taken from the heartwood of Aquilaria trees. This type of incense is luxurious and expensive as these are rare. These wood chips are not oily, and rough in texture. To name a few:

  1. Marooki Aryan Oud Wood Bakhoor
  2. Marooki Oud Wood Bakhoor
  3. Kalimantan Super Oud Wood Bakhoor
  4. Kalimantan Oud Wood Bakhoor 

wood chips

Loose Fine Oudh Incense (Bukhoor)

This type of incense is Mabthooth, meaning loose bakhoor. It is made by the shavings of Agarwood (Oudh) are made into fine

fragments, mixed with natural resins such as Arabic gums, mystic, and aromatic stones. The mixture is then perfused with either natural essential oil or fragrance oil. In some occasions, the fine Oudh wood powder is made into small balls or coins by adding more of natural gums. Our favorate bakhoor scents:

  1. Amir Royal Incense Bakhoor
  2. Al-Haramain Incense Bakhoor
  3. Amir Black Oud Incense Bakhoor
  4. Amir Palace Incense Bakhoor
  5. Amir Vanilla & Oud Incense Bakhoor 

Soaked Oud Wood Bakhoor

Oud Wood Bakhoor with MabkheraCombining the best of both worlds, the natural Oud Wood Bakhoor and the Scented Oud Wood Bakhoor. This type of bakhoor is prepared by cutting either the Kalimantan or the Marooki bakhoor into smaller pieces and then soaking them in a pure attar oud blend. After that, the oud wood chips are kept soaked for a duration of time until the oil goes through the wood pores and then removed and for a complete dry.

The specialty of this technique in preparing bakhoor appears when the oud wood chip is placed on a hot plate/charcoal. You'd notice as the heat builds up inside the wood chip forcing the oil out releasing its great aroma. When the oil is dried, then the natural resin within the oud wood chip itself begins to secrete releasing its majestic natural woody scent combined with the scent of the burning wood itself adding another depth to the fumed atmosphere.

Try our special creation of soaked oud wood bakhoor:

  1. Royal Gold - Amir Royal Marooki Incense Bakhoor (1.2 oz)
  2. The Oud - Amir Royal Kalimantan Incense Bakhoor (1.2 oz)
  3. The Rose - Amir Royal Kalimantan Incense Bakhoor (1.2 oz)

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are made with punsticks and fragrant oil. Agarwood or any type of wood is soaked in fragrant oil, processed, then grounded to be shaped into stick form. Afterwards, it will be laid out in the sunlight to dry for 3 days. Using incense sticks is known to be the slowest form of burning incense, therefore, the scent will be able to reach a larger distance and hold onto the air for longer periods of time. They are known for refreshing the mood and uplifting the mind. Unlike other types of bakhoor, incense sticks do not need a charcoal or a Mabkhara. It can simply be burned with a lighter and placed far away from anything that can catch fire. Our newsest incense sticks:

Instruction of use for bakhoor:

1- Use flame lighter to instantly light l charcoal.

2- Place the desired amount of fine Incense (Bukhoor) on the ready charcoal.

3- Place in an open place for refreshing

4- Never leave unattended or near anything catch fire. Keep away from children or pets. Place in a stable heat resistant place.

Amir Oud presents a smokey collection of luxurious Bakhoor. Perfume your yourself and your surroundings with the long-lasting expensive scent!  

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