The Best Scented Incense Bakhoor to Make a Great Atmosphere (1/2)

The Best Scented Incense Bakhoor to Make a Great Atmosphere (1/2)

Everyone that loves bakhoor knows that scented chips just give off a different sort of vibration. Scented Incense Bakhoor is able to keep you calm, make you feel relaxed, and make you feel ready to conquer any obstacle that is in front of you.

Finding the best-scented chips that will suit all of your needs, and more importantly, make you feel comfortable enough can be tough. Luckily, we at Amir Oud are more than proud to present you with our top three scented Incense Bakhoor fragrances that you will adore.

Top 3 Best Scented Incense Bakhoor

1- Al-Haramain Incense Bakhoor

Our next scented wood chips are mostly preferred by people who love stronger scents. These Al-Haramain Incense chips are exotic yet calming and earthy. You will be dashed by the mystic smells that will fill out the atmosphere around you. The dominating scents are deep rose, amber, musk, and Kadi flower.

Most of our customers adore the smell of the Al-Haramain home fragrance because it most certainly reminds them of Mecca. With this home fragrance, you will have your little holiness journey at the comfort of your house.

2- Amir Palace Incense Bakhoor

Our customers love to use this Amir Palace Incense Bakhoor for different special occasions and gatherings. Since this particular scent is known for bringing a good mood and boosting positive energy, it is usually an unavoidable add-on at weddings, birthdays, and religious ceremonies.

Amir Palace chips give off a deep woody smell with a dash of roses. There is no doubt that this aroma will calm down your nerves and attract positive thoughts.

3- Amir Rose and Musk Incense Bakhoor

Lastly, our yet another popular scent and package is this new scented Inscese product. This one has a rose and musk scent that will certainly bring all of the tension down to the minimum. The wonderful flowery aroma is known for being a great calmer and headache reliever. With the help of these intoxicating scented chips, you will make any occasion, special gathering, and even your room smell much better.

When to use Incense Bakhoor products

As you well know, Bakhoor is actually wood that is dipped into perfumed oils. These chips can be burnt at different times and are mostly used in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asia. Some people prefer to use our scented chips on very special occasions, while others prefer burning them daily, as they can give off a calming smell.

The burning time depends on you and your needs. Feel free to use our Incense Bakhoor products anytime you want to!

Final Thoughts

We are absolutely sure that our Incense Bakhoor products will be able to bring your peace and relaxation, as well as leave your clothes and room smelling wonderful.

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