Picking The Best Autumn Scent

Picking The Best Autumn Scent

Autumn is a unique time of year. It is a time when we all think of the changing leaves, beautiful earthy scents, cinnamon, and spice, or pumpkin spice.  The smell of candles fills many people's homes while bonfires grow more prevalent.  This helps with the smoking yet woods like smell that we all love in the fall. However, we have a perfume that is good to bring the fall with you, wherever you go.  Our Imperial Oud has the fall scent that you have been craving.

The changing of seasons is something that many people love. The changing of the seasons though also means different things.  Fall is a time that we prepare for the winter months.  Where we enjoy the leaves and the brisk air.  There is something humbling about the fall and all that it has to offer.  There are fall festivals and fall parades.  People enjoy carving pumpkins and getting in that one last trip to the campground.  Children and adults can enjoy sitting around the campground and enjoy stories of the summer.  While some love the smell of fall others would prefer to skip to winter.  However, for those that love it, we offer some amazing fragrances that capture that smell of fall.  The wooded smells and earthy scents are bottled up and ready for you to wear.

Earthy Fall Fragrances Await You

When you are working on finding your signature scent for fall, be sure to look for the more earthy smells.  In the spring people are looking for more floral scents but as the summer comes to a close and the sweaters and sweatshirts come out, we are looking for that scent that will encompass all that is currently around us.  Take a look at the selection we have to off of our Arabic style perfumes.  These are a little different than that you would find in other European countries as they are made in the traditional Arabic fashion.  Because of this, the scent is not as strong but will last longer.  We not only offer liquid-like perfumes but also solid perfumes as well for both men and women.

Perfumes are a little complex to purchase online and we understand that.  That's why we offer free samples with every shipment so that your clients can actually smell the various scents.  Should you have an interest in a scent? You can also order sets of sample scents that are priced in a way that you will get that sample scent money back when you decide which sample you want to order a full-size bottle of.  This is a great way to try out some scents and not be obligated to just one.  These sample kits make perfect gifts as well as they are a wonderful way to introduce friends and family to the Arabian fragrances.  

Our musk blends are also a great example of scents that say fall.  These scents are very earthy, which is what reminds us so much of the fall.

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