Perfume Wearing and Selection Tips for Women

Perfume Wearing and Selection Tips for Women

When it comes to perfume, everyone has their own sense of style.  It is very similar to what people wear, such as clothing.  Perfume is something that is very personal which is why it is very hard for someone to buy perfume for another person.  However, perfume is fun to play around with and of course, try out some different scents.  We offer a wide selection of Arabic perfumes that are made in the traditional Arabic fashion.  Our perfumes are long-lasting and are meant to be worn on the skin when possible.  Leave a hint of scent wherever you go with perfume.  

Although our perfumes last a long time.  You might be thinking about going out after work and not coming home to freshen up.  Take a small perfume with you in your purse for on the go use.  Solid perfumes travel very well and won't get all over while being carried.  We offer these types of perfumes in our beautiful online store.

To figure out what type of perfume you like, you need to ask yourself what scent you imagine on you.  Are you more a floral girl?  Maybe a down to earth woodsy type?  Fruity perhaps?  Fruity can be apple, pear, or citrus.  While the earth tones are more like patchouli, firewood, and rainforests.  There are also spices that can be worn on their own or combined with some of the above scents, such as apple cinnamon.  These are scents that are more European in style.  However, we offer Arabic scents that are more earthy.  We do have some florals such as rich Jasmine that are really nice. 

Sample scents provide you with options.

If you are someone that likes to have options, then you might be interested in purchasing some of the sample scents. These come in small bottles that allow you to try them out.  If you find that you are using more of one and less of the others, then perhaps purchasing the larger bottle of that one would only make sense. These sample bottles allow you to test the fragrances out with your skin and body type. 

Each fragrance will have a slightly different smell on some people than on others.  This is due to body chemistry which is found on your skin.  This chemistry is made up of many things, but it is unique to you.  While you might love a scent on someone else, you might find that you don't actually like it on you.  That's okay, we are all different.  Trying the scents is important, especially for an online perfume seller.  That's why we ship free samples with every purchase.  

While picking a fragrance for some is quick and simple, for others it is a bit more time-consuming. That's okay, at the end of the day when you find just the right scent for you, it will be all worth it.  Take your time and enjoy your journey. There doesn't have to be just one scent either.  Some like to change it up with the seasons, while others want to change it all the time.  There are no rules!

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