Perfume Gifting Guide

Perfume Gifting Guide

For those that love perfume, it only makes sense that this makes the perfect gift. However, if you are not a person that is into perfume, getting a gift of perfume is not as well received.  In fact, there are people that don't wear perfumes and won't ever wear them for whatever reason.  So, before you go skipping to the go-to perfume gift, ask yourself, does your friend wear perfume.  If yes, then it might be a nice gesture.

Many people will get various scented lotions and perfumes for gifts.  Most of those gifts will end up at the back of some closet, maybe regifted at some point.  This is because the person giving the gift didn't pay attention to what their friend likes and wears.  Do they were floral scents?  Maybe they are more into earth scents?  Take a minute to think about that person and what scent you associate with that person.  Do they even wear a scent?

Do your due diligence to find the perfect gift.

While we all want to give gifts that we think they will like.  Do some due diligence and ensure that the person you are buying for has the same taste as you think they do.  Ask them what their perfume is if you smell them wearing something. You can always pick up a bottle of what they currently wear.  They already have it, but you know they will like it and will use it eventually.  This ensures that your precious gift isn't regifted or put on a shelf to collect dust.

While we know that a gift is thought that matters, you want to get a gift they will love and enjoy.  Take some time and put some thought into it.  If you don't know if they wear perfume, then it probably isn't a great idea to purchase that for them on their special occasion.  Just like any gift, you want to give your friends and family something that they will simply love and cherish.  This could be perfume, or some favorite food, flowers, maybe something nice for their home.  Gifts come in all ways, take the time to really put some actual thought into your gift-giving, people will certainly appreciate it.  

Other gift ideas

If the myriad of scent choices overwhelm you, and you just cannot get to a decision on what type of scent to gift your loved one, an Amir Oud Gift Card would make for an excellent gift idea. With an Amir Oud gift card, your recipient will be free to select exactly the scent that they will cherish for a long time. It also must be noted that an Amir Oud gift is not limited to just perfumes. Rosaries, incense burners, and natural oils all make for a spectacular present that is sure to be remembered for a long time.

Take a look around and we are certain you'll find something you'll love.  Maybe instead of buying a scent, you can find a nice rosary or ring?  That's right, we love our fragrances but also offer a few other amazing gift ideas.  Even a night gift care for our store can be purchased in the gift section as well.

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