More on Arabic Perfume

More on Arabic Perfume

In Europe and the US, it is hard to get to know and understand Arabic perfume.  They tend to migrate toward western perfumes.  However, immigrants have brought over their love of Arabic perfume.  Arabic perfume has a certain scent to it that is often more earthy and rich than that of western scents.

Arabic perfume is a very natural scent that speaks to the mind, body, and soul.  It isn't harsh and doesn't come off as super sweet in the smell either.  Most Arabic perfumes are made of Oud Agarwood, which is a tree that is found in Asian countries.  This tree, through a natural healing process, produces Oudh oil.  This is the oil that Arabic perfume is made from.  It has a wonderful way of calming the body and mind.  It is also thought to help with mental clarity and increase the body's ability to fight off infections.

Oud, Aloeswood, and Oudh are all used in the production of Arabic perfume.  Older trees are preferred as they will produce more of these resins.  While it occurred naturally originally for resin production, as fungus got into the tree, it is now cultivated.  Cultivated trees allow perfume production to have a better supply.  However, this process does change the scent of the resins slightly.

Natural Resin Used in Arabic perfume

High costs are associated with the trees that produce this naturally, as it is highly sought after.  It has a complex but sweet smell that is inviting and intriguing.  However, these trees are hard to find as well as they are deep into the forest.  To harvest the resin, people have to go into the forest where there are chance encounters with wild animals that are dangerous to man.  While many like this resin for Arabic perfume it is also used for medicinal reasons such as:

  • rheumatism

  • nervous disorders

  • fevers

  • Smallpox

  • Digestive disorders

  • Chills

  • General pain

  • abdominal pain

  • diarrhea

  • more.

While the resin helps with these other things, it is also known to help with psychological issues.  The spiritual world also likes to use resins and scents during prayer and meditation.  It is often used in therapy because of its calming effects.  The scent is perfect for those that are looking for total body relaxation.  It is thought that Oud in incense attracts angels in the Muslim culture.  Which is why you see many religious gatherings burning incense.

Before the internet, it was almost impossible for those not living in the Arabic areas to get the scents of their motherland.  However, that has since changed and you can not only purchase these lovely scents but can also learn all sorts of things about them.  The Arabic people that have migrated to around the globe can still have the scents that they were brought up on.

The Arabic people use this resin in just about everything.  It is one of the most commonly used materials due to its many uses.  While Arabic perfume is only one of them.  It is one very important component of the Arabic nations.  It is bottled as well as you can get perfume in a solid-state.

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