Miswak - Natural Toothbrush

Miswak - Natural Toothbrush

Of all best things that are natural, Miswak is one of them! The natural thin stick that is used as an alternative to both toothbrushes and toothpaste. Miswak comes from a small tree known as Arak or Peelu, while the biological name is Salvadora persica.

For thousands of years, Miswak sticks have been utilized to whiten teeth, eliminate toothaches, improve bad breath, kill harmful bacteria, stop bleeding of the gums, and slow down tooth decay. 

miswak tree

Using A Miswak Stick

When using a fresh twig of miswak, the first step is to choose either end and cut off the first inch or so by using an ordinary knife. Another way can be by biting down on the end and chewing it off. After exposing the wood underneath, start chewing on it to soften the wood so that it breaks up into fibrous bristles. You will be able to know that the stick is ready to use when the tip is soft enough and fanned out slightly like a painting brush.miswak knife

Before using it on your teeth, it is traditional to dip the bristly end of the stick into warm water. Some people prefer rose water as it produces an appealing scent. By now it is time to brush, press the bristly end gently into your teeth and move it gently up and down to scrub the surfaces. Move it slowly around the mouth, allowing the bristles to reach every surface.

Maintaining Miswak

Store the miswak in an individual container. It is not advised to store the miswak near the sink or with your toothbrushes. Whenever the miswak becomes too dry to use, soak in water to soften the bristles. The ending should be continuously cut to ensure hygiene maintenance.

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