Best Aromatic Hair & Body Mists (2/2)

Best Aromatic Hair & Body Mists (2/2)

Summer is practically the season of Hair & Body mists. These bottles of joy are able to last for hours, having your whole body, skin, and hair smelling wonderful for hours.

Our collection of Amir Oud’s body and hair mists consists of eight fragrances. We have introduced you to the first four fragrances in our previous posts. It's now time for you to meet the rest. Meet Cablion , Garden Light, Coconut Breeze, and Fantasy. We do no t doubt that these mists will absolutely charm you.

1- Cablion

Cablion is a body & hair mist that has a very specific, floral aroma. This floral, romantic, and the very feminine scent fills the air right after the bottle has been opened. It s top notes are the dreamy Damascus rose, jasmine, bergamot , and Peony. All of these different scents mix and form a very elegant, gentle, yet sassy scent that is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. This should be your go -to body mist for all occasions, and events, regardless of what you are wearing.

2- Garden Delight

On the other hand, our second hair & body mist , which you will be introduced to , is the Garden Delight one. This scent is a lot different from all of our previous body mists, and it visually stands out from the crowd. Namely, this body mist is able to fill the air with an exotic, fresh, and very natural scent of Jasmine and Tuberoses.

When these two ingredients come together, they form a charming, wowing, refreshing, yet very intense fragrance that will certainly turn heads of everyone as you walk past them.

Besides the Jasmine, white flowers, as well as amber and white musk are also the dominating notes.

3- Coconut Breeze

If you are a fan of true tropical, refreshing scents, this body mist might be just the right choice for you. The coconut breeze is one of our body mists preferred by the customers, and here's why.

Namely, the bottle of our coconut breeze mist contains true paradise. The coconut scent is certainly the dominating one, but rose, mandarin orange, and the magnolia mix are undeniably a real summer mix. With this body mist, you will be in a tropical paradise wherever you go.

4- Fantasy (Powdery Rose)

The last hair and body mist from our collection is the Fantasy one. This mist screams sensuality and sexiness. The mix of the peony flower, combined with vanilla, musk , and wood, together form a very charming scent. There's no doubt that this mist might be the most exotic and addictive scent you have ever smelt .

Not only will you smell great, your skin will be moisturized too

Body and hair mists are great for the hydration of the skin. As you can see, they are a trip le threat.

Our mists will have you smell nicely for hours, will keep your skin moisturized, and will take care of your hair's softness. The best thing about our body mists is that they can be used all year round. So, don't be afraid to experiment with different scents!

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