A Brief History of Egyptian Musk Oils and Perfumes

A Brief History of Egyptian Musk Oils and Perfumes

When your mind is riddled with stress and anxiety it is important to your health that you find some relief. Egyptian musk is an amazing blend of botanicals that is formulated to help you control your stress. This fragrance is typically that of an Earthy, woody, pleasant aroma that takes your mind to another level.  It not only is wonderful to use as a perfume but it has other uses as well.  The typical Egyptian musk can be made from essential oils from home such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amber, Rose Petal, and Ambrette seed oil.  This will give you sort of an idea of the actual fragrance of the Egyptian musk.  It is a very subtle and earthy smell that many people find very appealing and relaxing.

Egyptian Musk gets its name due to the first recipes that were found in the ancient books in Egypt pyramids.   Although there isn't an exact depiction of what it all meant from the ancient language it was deemed credible.  It is a blended scent from the essential oils mixed above to give it that Earthy and soft scent we have come to love in Egyptian musk.

Earthy Scent

That's right, musk perfume dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.  Back then, they didn't take baths as often and needed something to freshen them up. This Earthy smell was just the thing and it didn't attract bugs.  Floral scents can attract bugs and other pests due to the floral fragrance that it carries.  However, the Egyptian musk doesn't do that but still offers a nice light fragrance that many people have come to enjoy.  It is not only used for calming and relieving stress but also used to help mask body odor and other scents.  It can be used in a variety of things such as:

  • Laundry Soap
  • Drain freshener
  • Diffused
  • Bath additive
  • Massage Lotion
  • Aromatherapy via candles or incense
  • Deodorant

Most of the essential oils that used to create this amazing Earth scent have common properties that fend off bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  This is another health benefit that you will find in Egyptian Oil blends.  This was most likely used in ancient times to help with topical infections and skin issues.  As it contains such properties that are good for such things.  This is also why it can act as a great natural deodorant due to medical properties.

History of Egyptian Musk

Egyptian musk oil originally came from animal musk, in fact, that is where all the musks started.   However, by today's standards, it is typically made with agrochemicals as the musk population is endangered and it is illegal to do this.  The idea is to have the musk have a lingering scent that lasts all day.  This will widely depend on the ingredients that are used in your Egyptian musk products to give it the smell but also the carrier of the scent.  Egyptian musk perfume scent usually is found to be very attractive to people and has been for years.  It is a very calming and smooth scent that lingers as you walk by.

Now you can experience the alluring scent of Egpytian musk yourself. Amir Oud has a variety of the best Egyptian musk oils and perfumes that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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