Choosing the Best Perfume for Men

Choosing the Best Perfume for Men

There are few things that men of substance can be identified by. The suave suit that oozes class and style is definitely at the top of the list. This is perfectly complemented by the shoes and belt that they would wear. Just as a cherry would sit pretty on top of a cake, so would a proper wristwatch.

That’s just one side to a man. There is more to a man than how they appear in a casual or official look. These are just a part of the puzzle. There is one piece of the puzzle that may seem insignificant, but it carries a great impact on it. It is the piece that completes the puzzle. This is the perfume that a man would wear.

It’s not just enough to put on any perfume, every scent you come across has a story to tell. What do you want your perfume to say about you? Here are a few notes you could incorporate into your style. Click on each heading below to explore Amir Oud's carefully curated collection of fragrance products of each scent.


Trees give us some of the best notes, and definitely some of the longest-lasting. This amber scent is mostly a mix of different notes from various resins. It comes out as a sweet note that is grounded by also being earthy.


This is a note with a wide range of uses. This is because of its fresh and woody fragrance, known for taking its wearers through a lazy walk through the woods. The type of note you get will depend on whether the cedar used was from the Atlas Mountains or from the US.


Affectionately known as La Fleur, this is one of the most expensive scents you can come across out here, the saffron of the perfume world. It is a prized note because it is sweet and oh, so intense. Jasmine is best used in situations where a sophisticated sexiness is to be communicated.


Leather has a reputation of existing most in places that are considered to be of great class. It costs quite a lot to buy and maintain. The presence of leather in your perfume will communicate that you are someone well versed in class and have all the best that life has to offer.


Here is a scent that rivals Jasmine as the fragrance of the orient. It was greatly popular during the 60’s but it has maintained its popularity on whichever shores it has arrived at. The patchouli is particularly loved because of its dark and musky fragrance. It can also be described as being sweet and spicy, almost to the point of encroaching on cedar territory.


Here is a scent that is best known for being earthy and woody. Well, that’s because it is extracted from the Sandalwood tree. It is one of the most sought-after notes in a fragrance and is best known for its use as a base note. Once applied, it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 hours for the fragrance to wear away.

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