Six Reasons Why You Should Burn Incense Sticks

Six Reasons Why You Should Burn Incense Sticks

People are drawn to smells. Aromatherapy is big for mental health and clarity. Let's take a look at incense sticks' uses and benefits and what they can do for you.


Many people use incense sticks during meditations.  Incense is used by many religious groups which are believed to heighten awareness, improve the attention span, and more.  The passing of time during meditation will be measured by the length in which the incense sticks were burned.  

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Incense stick uses and benefits also include helping one calm down.  In our world today we are thrown so much information and it is so fast-paced that our brains are not wired for that and anxiety is created.  Anxiety is on the rise and finding natural ways to calm oneself is important.  Incense sticks are a wonderful way to work with aromatherapy and reduce stress and anxiety.  There are many common scents that are typically used for this.

Relax and Unwind

While many of us burn candles while taking a bath, did you know that burning incense is another option?  Burning incense while reading a good book, taking a bath, or simply just taking some time for yourself are wonderful ways to use the power of incense.  Incense are made for aromatherapy.  Many scents have been coined to work for different things.  However, you may need to try some and see what works best for you.  

Stimulates creativity

Some believe that certain scents will stimulate creativity and open up the mind.  Many artists burn incense while building their masterpieces. While there are fragrances that stimulate the mind, there are also scents that will lift up the spirit.  People generally feel happy with certain scents or a sense of calmness with others.

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Sleep Aid

This is a huge area in which incense can help.  Yes, they relax you, calm anxiety, and thus help with sleep.  Many people suffer from sleep issues.  However, if you are one of them there is hope with aromatherapy.  Incense provides aromatherapy that helps calm your nerves and mind. 


Some people have found incense to be somewhat medicinal.  They have been used as mood stabilizers, sleep aids, aids for digestion and helps the brain to increase serotonin, which is the "feel happy" hormone.  This is a natural way to help with mental health, which is on the rise around the world.  If there is a way to naturally help your mood, why not try it?

As you can see incense has been used for a vast number of things.  They have been around for centuries and will remain around for centuries longer.  Incense comes in a number of natural scents and can be combined to provide a unique smell all their own.  They can be combined together or you can burn more than one scent at any given time to combine the benefits of the scents.  take your time and learn more about the various scents and what they do.  You might be surprised at all the benefits. 

Peaceful Medidation At Home

You can now enjoy the benefits of this centures old tradition in your home. Our collection of unique and handmade incense sticks come in a variety of scents. We create our incense only from the finest essenses available. Whether you're interested in floral, wood, or spiced fragrances, Amir Oud has the perfect incense stick that we're sure you'll love.

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