Five Benefits of Luban (Chewing Gum) - Frankincense

Five Benefits of Luban (Chewing Gum) - Frankincense

Luban, also called” gum Arabic” or “frankincense” is a natural gum that consists of a resinous dried sap that is sourced from Boswellia sacra, a native tree found in Africa and Yemen. Interestingly, there are many health benefits that can come from. Luban for the human body. This natural gum has previously and currently being used in medicine, baking ingredients, and woodwork.

The question is, why is Luban very useful?

It contains many nutrients such as galactose, glucuronic acid,  arabinogalactan-protein complex, and glycoprotein (that is the highest protein content). These nutrients are what leads you to great health as mentioned below:

frankincense1. Excellent Source of Fiber

Luban is frequently used as a fiber supplement. Women require 25 grams of fiber per day and men require 38 grams, which many do not consume enough. Luban has fiber contents ranging from 80% to 90% to supply the human body.

2. Weight Loss

Rich insoluble fibers, luban is the perfect ingredient in aiding your diet and appetite. It carries up to 30 grams of fibers, which ensures you to lose your weight because of the decreased amount of hunger. Add this gum as a part of your diet plan and watch as you achieve the result you wish.

3. Healthy Teeth and Mouth

Do you know that chewing luban will make your teeth healthy? Studies have proved that Arabic gum actually contains antibacterial which will rid your mouth of harmful bacteria, and also prevent them from progression. Unlike other gum that contains artificial sugar, chewing gum made from the Boswellia sacra tree will reduce the levels of your plaque immediately. This gum can also take care of bad breath.

4. Helps Control Diabetes

It is known that foods rich in fiber help regulate blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetic patients. Luban contains very high levels of fibers that it is strongly suggested to use for its ability to control blood sugar levels. There are studies that have proved the potential capabilities of dietary fiber found in luban. A study performed by scientist done in labs established that acacia gum could be used to reduce blood pressure. Therefore, scientists concluded that luban fiber can indeed be used to protect diabetic patients.

5. Treats Digestive Problems

Luban is known to treat digestive problems because of its fiber, natural sugar, and carbohydrates. This gum contributes to the digestion of process and helps in bacterial levels that are beneficial for the stomach and intestines.

In conclusion, more research is still ongoing on the benefits of acacia gum, but so far it has been established by scientists that this gum provides the necessary amount of soluble fiber that is needed by our body to function well and healthy.

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