About Amir Oud Fragrance

Amir Oud Revives Antiquated Perfumery to Culturally Modern Fragrances

أمير عود - بيت العطور الملكية

Amir Oud fragrance house is a family-based company that journeys back to the hidden secrets of Eastern perfumery. Amir Oud expresses the richness and the vitality of middle-eastern culture, a culture that holds perfumery close to its heart. It takes inspiration from the most treasured olfactory materials such as agarwood, incense, amber, and precious woods to create the highest exquisiteness perfumery. Amir Oud’s most enchanted fragrance ingredient, agarwood, creates an evocative blend of spirituality and sensuality. Agarwood holds the mysticism of exotic Eastern traditions. We believe we offer a timeless aromatic experience that is accessible. We plan on influencing a lifestyle of revitalization that is closely tied to nature. Amir Oud reinvents the way Arabic perfumery is applied and used in cultures. In connection with our homeland, we present our creations with the wonderful fusion between East and West.

The creation of oud perfumery is an industry that has long been dominated by men, however, Amir Oud fragrance house is one of the few niche oud brands to be founded by a woman, Lama Joraid. She is behind the creative, traditional and exotic smells of every Amir Oud fragrance and perfume collections. Being raised in the Gulf countries, she was inspired by oud perfumes by her father, who had always worn distilled oud oil. Usually, in the Middle-Eastern gulf countries, people wear oud perfumes in their daily life for self-expression and individuality. The smoke of the oud chips, which is known as Bakhoor, is a loved smell that is closely reminiscent of her childhood. Each fragrance collection is uniquely defined by every aspect of its ingredients.

“I enjoy watching the way people brighten up into a lovely surprise when they smell a perfume that relates to them, as though they have found something that defines them in a deep and individualistic way. I always believed that perfume is enough to set one apart, according to one’s choice of scent. Everyone deserves to smell divine, and that divinity is already part of them but expressed and brought out by the spray of our sophisticated perfumes. "-Lama Joraid

Unique • Rare • Natural

Amir Oud fragrance house is defined by a peacock that is a symbol of Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, and Awakening.

Peacocks are one of the most beautiful and elegant birds from around the globe. The peacock spiritedness is captivated in Amir Oud by the epitome of beauty that it represents. The countless colors of the peacock feather are given inspiration to the multitude of Amir Oud fragrance oils that have various colors. Our natural fragrances are symbolized by the peacock's relationship with nature and its profound naturistic behavior. The peacock is a graceful animal that offers countless lessons. This graceful power of the peacock teaches us the deepest aspects of life such as self-love, honor, and integrity. It symbolizes the importance of willful power because it is determined self rises itself above conflicts. The peacock is an animal that represents courage and confidence. The peacock has a strong connection between the past and present while recognizing its future.

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